Updated: Jun 14

If you've married someone who already has children, you've surely realized that it can be a challenge to build healthy relationships with your stepchildren. The stepparent is in a difficult position in the new, blended family. However, if you apply these tips, you'll find that having a healthy, caring relationship with your stepchildren is truly attainable.

1.) Take time to get to know your stepchildren- spend 30 minutes of time daily listening to them talk about their day or subjects that interest them.

2.) Accept the fact your stepchildren may feel hurt and angry- Don't misinterpret their feelings as a personal affront against you as they would react the same way with whomever their parent married.

3.) Avoid getting angry because of your stepchildren's actions-Remember: You're the adult. You can handle any reaction your stepchildren might have. Remind yourself that they're dealing with an emotionally painful situation – the realization their parents will no longer be together.

4.) In your mind, give your stepchild a "clean slate" each day.- In other words, every day, you have the opportunity to start fresh and positively affect your relationship with your stepchild.

5.) Make an effort to share in activities your stepchildren enjoy- If they like to play video games, play those games with them for a few minutes daily. If they enjoy reading, inquire about their favorite author and then read a couple of the books. These behaviors demonstrate caring and consideration toward them.

6.) If you don't get positive results right away, keep trying- You are, in fact, hoping to build a deep, enduring relationship with your stepchildren. Therefore, perseverance is an important key to achieving the success you seek.

7.) Show patience with your stepchildren- It will help them see that nothing they do will deter you from your efforts to build a healthy relationship with them.

Work hard to use patience, perseverance, and understanding to build a strong relationship with your stepchildren. You and your new family will benefit greatly from your efforts!


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