Collaboration Promotes Greater Achievement

Treasure the special people in your personal and professional life. They are an integral part of your team for setting and achieving objectives. Ego has little room in your interactions with others. It is important to put aside pride and maintain focus on the common goal. Acknowledge that you only have some of the answers. It is easy for people to call on others when the solution requires broader input.

The creativity that goes into achieving goals is possible through the ideas of various minds. It is exciting to hear what others have to contribute. Respect other people and their gifts. There is so much to learn from those around you. When you feel frustrated from searching for an answer, readily bounce your thoughts off another person. You can achieve newfound clarity when you hear someone else’s views on the situation.

It is a rich experience to share in the solution. Togetherness means agreeing to disagree as long as that is best for the whole. You have to be willing to step back from your perspective for the betterment of the team. Your most rewarding accomplishments are those that come from teamwork.

I enjoy collaborating with others because solutions appear quicker. I am effective as a leader because I inspire my team to participate fearlessly. Today, I find joy in having willing collaborators around me. I love having smart minds and open hearts on my team.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I go about giving everyone an equal opportunity to lead?

2. When is it time for me to take the lead in a team effort?

3. How often do team efforts result in the desired outcome?

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