Evolving to Better the Self :

Unlike personal development, personal growth invites individuals to physically change—to evolve. Much like a chemical change instead of a physical one—imagine fire rather than clay for example growth invites a change, or alteration. When growth occurs, individuals will find themselves moving forward in a progressive manner.

  1. Use Obstacles as opportunities: Understand that all obstacles are potential forms of leverage. Instead of “putting up with problems,” use them to your advantage. More Often, than not the obstacle is the right path.

  2. Do Not Use the Revolving Doors As Excuses: Surround yourself with motivation and the proper mindset. As life becomes more virtual, invest in new ways of learning and developing to stay with the times. Do not get lost in a virtual world but do keep it in your sight

  3. Learn to Love Learning: Find a way to make necessary items fun to learn. Always be learning and growing and it will become your new normal. Resistance is futile. It is nearly impossible to bring into line while swimming against the current. Instead, understand the natural flow and use it to your advantage.

  4. Know Yourself: Understand who you are and how you operate. Many young athletes may want to play basketball while they have a body for wrestling. Those who learn how they operate the quickest—evolve the quickest. You should always have the desire to grow change and develop over the lifespan of your life.

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