I Accept Compliments with Grace and Gratitude

Updated: Mar 24

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I am thankful each time someone lets me know of their appreciation. These situations help remind me what I have to offer the world, whether it’s kindness, aesthetic appeal, or practical skills. Therefore, I accept compliments with grace and gratitude.

I look at each compliment as a gift. When someone goes out of their way to be kind to me, I want to accept their gift graciously. When someone gives me a physical gift, I am always sure to say, “Thank you,” so why not feel pleased and say it when they give me the gift of praise?

When I accept compliments with grace and gratitude, I also find myself complimenting others more easily and frequently. This spreads happiness. Like a stone dropped into a pond, when I accept a compliment, positive feelings and actions radiate out from me and touch the lives of other people.

Although I may sometimes feel tempted to brush off praise, I remember that most people are offering it authentically. They truly believe that I deserve their praise. So instead of deflecting their affirmations, I am sure to say, “Thank you.” Today, I am gracious when receiving compliments. I am thankful each time someone chooses to give me a compliment. Each day, I practice saying, “Thank you” to praise, instead of deflecting it.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I feel when I receive a compliment?

2. Can I choose to say “Thank you,” regardless of how I feel about the praise?

3. How can I show grace and gratitude when someone compliments me?

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