Touching Base Keeps Connections Open:

Updated: Apr 20

It is easy to get lost in the rush of daily living, but make sure you push yourself to stay connected. It is important to keep your personal and professional relationships current.

Choosing to move to another job brings you new opportunities. But also choose to remain in touch with your personal and professional colleagues from other places.

Keeping in contact keeps you in their mind for upcoming projects requiring your skill sets. Understand that your willingness to stay connected leaves a good impression.

Keep in close contact with your family across the world. Knowing what is going on in their lives keeps you closer to them. You should like being able to offer advice and show your support. Their happiness is important to you.

It is good to reassure others that they matter, so try to stay in close contact. Difficult challenges are easier to navigate when there is a constant source of support and encouragement.

You should love hearing from those who mean a lot to you. Their thoughtfulness should make you feel special. They are the first people you should call whenever you have good news to share.

Remember, keeping connections open ensures that you have others to lean on at a moment’s notice. I challenge you on today to reach out and say hello to three of your personal and professional contacts this week.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What modes of communication do I use to stay connected with others?

  2. How often do your efforts at touching base lead to new opportunities?

  3. How do you show support for others?

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